GEC Small Business Development Center is a one stop community resource center that provides services to more than 600 small businesses around our community. Through our partnership with the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Hoffman Chamber of Commerce, O’ Hare Chamber of Commerce, Polish Women in Business, WE Women Empowerment Campaign, Rosey Connection, and other community-based agencies, we have been able to provide Business & financial Counselling, training, marketing, technical assistance and business opportunities to both local and aspiring entrepreneurs. The main goal of GEC Services is to offer opportunities and resources for growth, innovation, productivity and revenue for immigrant businesses through improvements to their business administration.

Vital Services we offered at our center includes:

  1. Business Branding

  2. Opportunity Government Regulation

  3. Federal income Taxes

  4. Loans and cash flow

  5. Tax Compliance

  6. Hiring the right employees

  7. Social Media

  8. Analytics and Consultancy


This program is focused on the advancement of both local and corporate businesses. It is a multi-series workshop focused on teaching the basic management of teams, projects, sustainability, and resources while having an advanced counterpart which can go in depth and provide both resources, and clarity into the direction of each individual businesses. The workshop seeks to provide hope, ambition, clarity, and opportunities for the betterment of all businesses.



Our monthly networking events foster to strengthen the relationship and provide connection among small businesses.